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Biography + History = Opportunity


By Karen Sternheimer I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book Outliers: The Story of Success, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in a sociological perspective of what factors enable some people to achieve more than oth

Comment by Anjelica Baker on “The Sociological Significance of Pictures”

Yes. I totally agree. As you said, pictures remind us of certain people's existence which also gives

Comment by Zeleste Tombo on “The Sociological Significance of Pictures”

This blog really tugged my heart strings. It kind of reminded me when I was younger and when I was v

Comment by Angela Anderson on “When Our Baby Was Born”

It's very interesting how much things have changed when it comes to women having babies. When I was

Technology and Cultural Lag


By Janis Prince Inniss A few months ago I heard the following on a talk radio program. A boy and his family from a rural area travelled a great distance for the boy to have surgery. (I have long forgotten the nature of the surgery.) This m

Doggie's BFF

By Sally Raskoff Do you think that dogs are a human’s best friend? Are they really our best friend forever? Many feel that their pets are a member of the family, but how important are they compared to your other family members? Today

Comment by Shannon on “Social Movements and Your Attention Span”

I think it is interesting to see social movement groups competing with each other in such an extreme

Comment by joe Miller on “Racism as a Risk Factor for Infant Mortality”

very interesting study. I was not aware of these numbers. One question if you don't mind. You sum

Comment by maridith zalba on “Back Stage out in Front: Impressions of Teen Pregnancy”

I think this was a great article and I really enjoyed reading it. It had a lot of useful information

Comment by silly girl on “Back Stage out in Front: Impressions of Teen Pregnancy”

Teen pregnancy is a normal part of human experience. If you look at the whole world, including the

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