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Comment by cholt3011 on “Drinks, Anyone?”

Teenagers have it hard because of the peer pressure and wanting to be cool. The teenagers see their

Comment by Samantha on “Can Social Problems Be Solved?”

I like the idea of helping troubled teens, felons and former gang members get a job. Just because th

Comment by Jesse on “Positive Peer Pressure”

I like how you took a different look at peer pressure than most do. As a sociology student I have on

When Our Baby Was Born


By Todd Schoepflin When I was young I thought a man paced in a hospital waiting room until his wife gave birth. The image in my head was of a new father passing out cigars to celebrate the birth of his child. But my wife has given birth tw

Comment by Katie D on “The Medicalization of Beauty”

I feel like this is a huge issue, which seems to worsen every year. It seems like everything that's

Children in Poverty


By Karen Sternheimer 60 Minutes recently aired a story about children living in families so hard hit hard by the recession that they had become homeless. Poverty is one of those subjects that many of us often prefer not

Comment by Kelsey Kraskian on “Social Theory and Siblings”

I chose this article because it mirrors my life and I was instantly able to develop a strong persona

Popular Culture Meets Reality


By Karen Sternheimer As I have previously blogged, social science has paid a lot of attention to the question of the influence media has on individual behavior. But what about the influence of real life events on media? How might major eve

Micro Meets Macro: Walking in Your Community


By Karen Sternheimer One of the first lessons of sociology is recognizing the difference between micro and macro level phenomena. (Micro refers to small-scale, individual or small group interactions, while macro refers to large scale proce

Comment by Angela Anderson on “When Our Baby Was Born”

It's very interesting how much things have changed when it comes to women having babies. When I was

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