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Comparative Historical Research: The Intersection between Sociology and History

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By Karen Sternheimer We’ve written a lot on this blog about the intersection between biography and history, C. Wright Mills’s now classic explanation of the sociological imagination. But beyond individuals’ connections with history, sociol

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Fight for Equality

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is highly celebrated this time of year, with a national holiday in his name occurring on the third Monday of January, and as a heroic figure recognized during Black History Month in February. W

A Strong Economy?                  

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin How long does it take you to get to work? Would you drive an hour to get on a bus for a four-hour round trip to make $13.26 an hour? This is what people are willing to do to travel from the Mississippi Delta to Memphis,

Internships and the Cost of Geography

Colby (1)

By Colby King This year, National Public Radio (NPR) received 20,520 applications for the 27 internships they are offering this fall. That was nearly 8 times the number of applications NPR received for 55 internship slots the year before,

Managing Risk and Sociological Theory

Jonathan Wynn (1)

By Jonathan Wynn Here’s a situation that you might be familiar with: After months of being careful with a very small "pod" of three families, they decided to take a risk and allow another person into their trusted group. That person ende

An Inauguration and a Funeral: Rituals and Rites of Passage

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By Karen Sternheimer On January 20, 2021, along with nearly 39 million people across the country, I watched the presidential inauguration. An inauguration is more than just a swearing-in ceremony; it includes a presidential address, follow

Maintaining Order

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By Karen Sternheimer I like a certain amount of orderliness in my life. I make lists and have rather predictable patterns when it comes to what I eat and how I spend my time at work as well as my leisure time. As I blogged about two years

Comment by lisa on “Air Travel, Class, and Relative Deprivation”

if you get to meet and befriend wonderful locals and fellow tourists. But sometimes, as a tourist, y

Comment by การ์ดแต่งงาน on “Air Travel, Class, and Relative Deprivation”

Getting through the airport security is probably the most time-consuming and stressful part of the a

Public Transportation: Space and Social Control

Corneilia mayr

By Cornelia Mayr Every city has a heart, a rhythm, and a beat. The pace of a modern city’s life is characterized by industrial civilization, new information technologies, a settlement of socially heterogeneous individuals, and faster metho

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