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A Closer Look at Interracial Marriage Statistics

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By Janis Prince Inniss “Interracial Marriages at an all time high, study says” – CNN “Study: 1 in 7 New U.S. Marriages is Interracial” – CBS News “Interracial marriage: more than double the ‘rate in the 1980s’” – The Christian Science

Marriage and Children: Rights and Wrongs

By Sally Raskoff In a September 19 Los Angeles Times opinion piece, author David Blankenhorn writes that “the rights and needs of kids are being lost in the debate over gay rights and Prop. 8.” (Proposition 8 is a California ballot measu

Free to Marry

By Sally Raskoff The May 2008 California Supreme Court decision effectively adds a second state to the (short) list of states that do not prohibit marriage for consenting adults of the same gender. The ruling reflects the result of many

Supporting Traditional Values

By Sally Raskoff With the introduction of same-sex marriage in California, we are hearing a lot of media reports and informal discussion on this issue. People are “for” it, people are “against” it, people are doing it, and people are pick

How Young Can Your Grandma Be?


By Janis Prince Inniss A few weeks ago when my husband referred to Grandma, I knew he was talking about my mother. At other times when he has said, “Go to Grandma,” it has taken some time to figure out who he’s talking about. In the tradit

Household Labor: Inside a Sociologist’s Family

Todd Schoepflin

Schoepflin Housework Download this episode By Todd Schoepflin One of my favorite topics in sociology is how couples arrange the work of running a household. It’s constant work to cook, clean, do laundry, repairs, and so on. Mix in caring

Schoepflin Housework

Schoepflin Housework

Finding New Normality, From Micro to Macro

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By Karen Sternheimer As COVID cases fall in much of the United States, many pandemic-era restrictions are beginning to loosen. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) revised mask guidelines to local ordinances allowing

Sociology vs. the Obvious


By Karen Sternheimer What is sociology? This question may seem obvious (especially—I hope—if you have taken or are taking a sociology class), but when I asked this question on a midterm years ago, I observed a troubling pattern. While th

Comment by Alexandria Solis on “Sustainability and Marriage”

Same-sex marriage is an issue I feel very emotionally and strongly about so let me preface this with

Comment by Michelle Bendewald on “Sustainability and Marriage”

I think the issue of gay marriage comes down to an individual's morals,beliefs and faith. Christians

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