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A Strong Economy?                  

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin How long does it take you to get to work? Would you drive an hour to get on a bus for a four-hour round trip to make $13.26 an hour? This is what people are willing to do to travel from the Mississippi Delta to Memphis,

Comment by Lisa Williams on “Living in a McDonaldized World”

On the issue of McDonaldized culture, we have come accustomed to the fast- food way of life. Almost

Socially Made and Essential 

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin Backing out of my driveway to head to the grocery store, I’m careful to avoid hitting the garbage tote at the end of the driveway. It’s garbage day. Workers from our town sanitation department are like mail carriers—they

Comment by P.G. on “Living in a McDonaldized World”

When I look at McDonald's, I always think about the movie we saw in our Sociology class, "Super Size

Comment by Rachelle Miller on “There Oughta Be a Law? Formal and Informal Social Control”

Being new to the subject of sociology it seems that the goverment, the ones imposing social control,

Comment by Robert Miles on “Millennials at Work”

I am 23 years old and have had to work for everything I have ever wanted or needed since I could wal

2020: The Ultimate Example of Emotional Labor

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin At 7:50 each weekday morning, my wife heads out the door, off to work at the elementary school where she is a social worker. This year is unlike any of the first ten years she’s worked at the school. There are no childre

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