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Sports, Uniforms, and Gender

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By Janis Prince Inniss Even before I married into the sport, I loved track and field! (My husband ran track in high school, as did both of my step-children. And I’m quite sure that my two-year-old grandson can beat any child in an ”Under 4

Sport and Gender


By Bradley Wright This week’s issue of ESPN magazine featured the star basketball player Candace Parker, and when I saw the cover photograph, I chuckled, but when I read the article, I rolled my eyes and sighed in exasperation. You see, I

Are College Athletes the New Proletariat?


By Peter Kaufman A spectre is haunting [college sports]—the spectre of Unionization. All the powers of [college sports] have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: [Chancellors and College Presidents, NCAA and Corporate S

The Sociology of Harassment


By Jonathan Wynn Last year I wrote about pranks and I have received several phone calls over the last two weeks from sports radio folks wanting me to talk about the alarming story coming out of the Miami Dolphins football team. These talk

The Super What?


By Peter Kaufman Here is a riddle: What social institution generates billions of dollars each year, influences how people act, affects how nations engage in diplomatic relations, is relevant to nearly all sociological themes, and yet, d

Comment by Mary Wintz on “Sport and Gender”

We like to think that we allow men and women to participate in sports, and athletic endeavors equal

Canopies and Contact Zones

Jonathan Wynn

By Jonathan Wynn Last month, the Speaker of the House for Ohio, a Republican named Larry Householder, was upset by a local library story time hosted by a drag queen. He said, “Taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard earned dollars

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Putting the “Diplo” in Diplomacy: Music as Soft Power

Jonathan Wynn (1)

By Jonathan Wynn This summer, I’ve been obsessing over Wind of Change—a podcast about the CIA’s possible involvement in the titular 1990s global mega hit by the German rock band, The Scorpions. The story unravels the sometimes-shadowy thre

Comment by Johnny on “Football, Vice and Violence”

Vice and violence have always been prevalent in professionally organized sports, however, vice ofte

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