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An Applied Sociological Perspective on Design

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By Michelle Janning, Professor of Sociology and co-designer of Human-Centered Design at Whitman College Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated when an airport security line seems to be moving too slowly? How about when restaurant ta

The Sociology of Luck   

Todd Schoepflin

By Todd Schoepflin “Even the losers get lucky sometimes,” sang Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. “You got lucky babe, when I found you,” they sing in another. Paul McCartney and Wings have a song titled “With a Little Luck.” Social Di

Maintaining Order

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By Karen Sternheimer I like a certain amount of orderliness in my life. I make lists and have rather predictable patterns when it comes to what I eat and how I spend my time at work as well as my leisure time. As I blogged about two years

What is Peer Review?

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By Karen Sternheimer Within scholarly work, the gold standard is to publish in an academic journal that is peer reviewed. Books published through academic publishers also undergo peer review. This means that before anything is published, e

What is Sociological Research?

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By Karen Sternheimer We do research all the time, or at least we use the word research regularly. Trying to figure out where to stay on a vacation? “Research” it online! Choosing a restaurant? Do some “research” by asking your friends abou

The Most Important Sociological Lessons

Peter kaufman 2014

By Peter Kaufman As a reader of this blog you must have some idea about the major themes that sociologists study. You also know that sociologists write about a lot of topics. If you were asked to identify the most important lessons that on

What Would You Do?

Peter kaufman 2014

By Peter Kaufman Consider the following scenario: You are in a clothing store shopping for a new outfit. As you are browsing through the selections you notice that a black female customer is being targeted unfairly by a sales clerk. Instea

Technology and Jobs: More of One, Less of the Other?


By Sally Raskoff A student and I were chatting in my office, and she mentioned that she had just applied for five jobs but was concerned about the interviews. I assumed that these interviews were in-person and face-to-face with another hum

Comment by David Larson on “Ask a Sociologist”

To what extent, if any, do you consider a new offering of sociological thought relevant and worthy o

The Compassionate Sociologist

Peter kaufman 2014

By Peter Kaufman Is there a connection between sociology and compassion? Do you know of any sociologists who explicitly and unabashedly frame their work in the context of compassion? Do you consider yourself a compassionate sociologist? F

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