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Public Libraries as Social Infrastructure

Colby King author photo

By Colby King A few years ago, I wrote about post offices as social infrastructure. I referred to sociologist Eric Klinenberg’s book Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure can help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline

Comment by Melissa J Mcclay on “When Our Baby Was Born”

A Blog that was posted by Todd Schoepflin on January 11,2011 was quite interesting. It caught my att

Pools and Privilege

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By Karen Sternheimer It’s possible that I learned to swim before I could walk. As an infant, my mother took me to a group swimming lesson at the local YWCA, where mothers introduced their babies to the water. While she held me, I learned s

Age and the Great Resignation

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By Karen Sternheimer You have probably heard that many people have been voluntarily leaving their jobs in 2021 and 2022, often called “the great resignation.” Much has been made about people deciding that they prefer to work from home and

Comment by Katarina on “Pregnancy and Social Interactions”

I'm not a professional sociologist, so the final question is a bit beyond me. However it made me thi

Thinking Sociologically About Holidays


By Karen Sternheimer Did you or anyone you know find this last holiday season stressful? Sociology can help us understand some of the reasons why holiday celebrations might be difficult—and why people keep doing things the same way eac

Comment by Prudencio Lua on “Institutional Review Boards: Why Do We Need Them?”

I personally feel releasing child information is unethical. Prisoners, children and pregnant women a

Comment by Tam on “Trendspotting: Babies and the Economy”

Because our society is more modernized it makes sense that the amount of babies being born correspon

Technology and Cultural Lag


By Janis Prince Inniss A few months ago I heard the following on a talk radio program. A boy and his family from a rural area travelled a great distance for the boy to have surgery. (I have long forgotten the nature of the surgery.) This m

Comment by Elegant Baby Shower & Wedding Favors on “Baby Showers as Rituals”

I think baby showers are great. It's a perfect way for family and friends to celebrate the new addi

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