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Finding New Normality, From Micro to Macro

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By Karen Sternheimer As COVID cases fall in much of the United States, many pandemic-era restrictions are beginning to loosen. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) revised mask guidelines to local ordinances allowing

Household Labor: Inside a Sociologist’s Family

Todd Schoepflin

Schoepflin Housework Download this episode By Todd Schoepflin One of my favorite topics in sociology is how couples arrange the work of running a household. It’s constant work to cook, clean, do laundry, repairs, and so on. Mix in caring

Schoepflin Housework

Schoepflin Housework

What’s in a Color? The Addition of Black and Brown to the Rainbow Pride Flag

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By Angelique Harris Pride celebrations occur in major cities and small towns throughout the nation and the world. Many of you have probably heard of LGBTQ Pride, or if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably noticed an increase in rainbo

Predicting the Future and Getting a Job

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By Karen Sternheimer Demography is a useful tool for being able to make projections about the future based on the composition of the population. It’s not just the size of a population that matters, but who makes up a population. Population

Ten Sociological Metaphors and Paradoxes


By Jonathan Wynn A few years ago, as a graduate student I was talking with an older sociologist who was cranky about how qualitative research was "too cute" in its lyrical presentation of data. I asked further about what that meant to her

Comment by Jessica cadena on “Why Major in Sociology?”

I am considering majoring in Sociology so I can become a marriage or High School counselor.

(Someone Else’s) Home for the Holidays

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By Karen Sternheimer I just booked my first reservation through, the site where you can reserve a room in a guest house or private home. This wasn’t my first choice; after finding that most reasonably-priced hotel rooms were boo

Comment by sonia on “Weddings: Front Stage Performances”

Im from India, here the wedding has considerable implications from a financial, emotional and gende

Comment by Abbi on “Gay Marriage: It’s Personal ”

I chose this article because it hits very close to home with me. My best friend and roommate is a ho

Why Major in Sociology?

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By Karen Sternheimer If you are like many students who enjoy sociology classes, you might be considering majoring in sociology. I get many students visiting my office considering adding sociology as a major who want to know what kind of

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