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Comment by t1dchick on “The Social Construction of Time”

@Stubort - you are talking about the passage of time. This article is discussing the measuring of th

(Another) Sociological Celebration of Baseball

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By Karen Sternheimer Three years ago, Todd Schoepflin wrote about his love of baseball and its sociological significance. As a father of young players, he noted its absence during the pandemic-related shutdown of 2020. Because of its inter

Comment by Stubort on “The Social Construction of Time”

Wrong. General relativity addresses the physical nature of time. If time is a social construct then

Culture, Structure, and Public Transportation

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By Karen Sternheimer Traveling by train from Chamonix, France to Grindelwald, Switzerland was a breeze, despite having to change trains five (!) times. It wouldn’t have been so easy in most other countries. Certainly not where we live, in

James Loewen and the Sociology of Sundown Towns

Colby King author photo

By Colby King Sociologist James Loewen passed away on Thursday, August 19 at the age of 79. In an obituary in the New York Times, he is described as a “civil rights champion who took high school teachers and textbook publishers to task for

Asian American Hate: Exploring the Intersection of Race and Gender

Myron strong

By Myron Strong More than a year ago in my post, "Fear, Race, and the Yellow Peril," I explored many of the historical aspects of anti-Asian hate. Racialization of COVID-19 served as a catalyst for the increase of violence that has manifes

Moral Panics in 2020

Jessica poling

By Jessica Poling It is no secret that 2020 has been a time of public unrest. Mounting outcries regarding police brutality, gender inequality, and the Trump administration’s mishandling of climate change and COVID-19 dominate the daily new

Race, Class, and “Hybrid” Masculinities

Jessica poling

By Jessica Poling In 1995, gender theorist R.W. Connell wrote her seminal book, Masculinities. In this book, Connell expands our understanding of gender by focusing on gender relations (rather than roles) with a specific focus on masculini

Applying Sociology of Work and Organizations Concepts to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Colby (1)

By Colby King During spring break this past week, I was grading midterm exams from my Sociology of Work and organizations class while also following the news about the spread of COVID-19. Karen Sternheimer wrote the other day about how we

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