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Applying Sociology of Work and Organizations Concepts to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Colby (1)

By Colby King During spring break this past week, I was grading midterm exams from my Sociology of Work and organizations class while also following the news about the spread of COVID-19. Karen Sternheimer wrote the other day about how we

Lizzo and Sociocultural Constructions of the Body


Lizzo and Sociocultural Constructions of the Body By Angelique Harris Anyone listening to the radio or pop- or hip-hop-streaming stations lately certainly were aware that 2019 was the summer of rapper, singer, songwriter, and flutist, L

New Media Revolution


By Karen Sternheimer Media tend to get a bad rap in social science research. With each new form of media come new studies, mostly testing for negative effects. Will it make users more violent? Promiscuous? Obese? Anorexic? Stupid? Unable t

Afrofuturism Can Save us All

Myron strong

By Myron Strong “The world of ‘what is’ can be supplanted by the world of what never was or what could be.” I spoke these words to an audience of college students during a presentation on pop culture and Afrofuturism this past spring. As

Who Gone Check Me Boo? The Backlash to Women and Power

Myron strong

By Myron Strong In season two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a now iconic scene is featured where co-star Sheree Whitfield demanded to know “who gone check me boo?” Her powerful retort came in response to her blatantly disrespectful pa

Folk Games

Jonathan Wynn (1)

By Jonathan Wynn I came across a Twitter thread of folk games, which are not board games but rather interactions that appear to be highly improvisational. Take a few minutes to click through and get a few well-deserved laughs. But it got

Lonely at the Top: The Toll of “High Functioning” Depression and Our Pandemic Mental Health Crisis

Stacy Torres author photo

By Stacy Torres From the vantage of midlife, I’ve pondered social mobility’s toll on myself and others who’ve climbed from the poor or working-class into the professional class. I’ve spent my entire life developing a titanium outer shell,

Comment by kristina on “Social Networking Sites and Social Theory”

Came across your post about lack of UK sociology blogs. I do a twitter blog (@sociologyblog) and als

Comment by Marie on “Who's Got Time for This?”

Yes - it's true, we seem to have less time. BUT we make time for what we want to make time for. Read

Notetaking and the Digital Divide


By Jonathan Wynn I always see a handful of laptops staring back at me in class. I am, perhaps, more surprised that I still see students handwriting notes at all. When I ask why they still handwrite notes, those who can afford a lapt

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