October 25, 2011

Everyday Sociology Talk: Joel Best on Fears about Halloween Candy Poisoning


Karen Sternheimer talks to Joel Best about fears about Halloween candy and the construction of social problems.

To see more videos, visit www.youtube.com/nortonsoc


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jeez! never thought there would be psychos that would poison trick or treat candies. thanks a lot for this info, I guess kids should only go to trustworthy neighborhoods for trick or treat.

bianca: Talk about completely missing the point.

The media loves to spread fear. It's too bad especially when we make our kids paranoid unnecessarily. You must be very tired of explaining this every year since 1985. I would say you are a very patient man...
@ Ayala - did you actually watch this video? The point was that there AREN'T psychos out to poison our kids.

he media loves to spread fear. It's too bad especially when we make our kids paranoid unnecessarily.

Yeap, I could not see the video either.

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Its a good one!!! nice conversation between Karen Sternheimer and Mr.Joel, however, the comparison between Halloween candy and the Sociology is quite interesting. I would like to share this post to my friends and with my fellow sociology Students.
Thanks to all the background workers who put their effort in building such a great blog.

Good, I am happy to see this blog thanks for your info..

- Lanie

One result of all this fearmongering is that children stay children longer and longer. I see it with my own kids compared to when I was their age.

Well why do you fear such candy ?

Well i don't know why you fear candy ?

Even i do the same every Halloween.
Meaningful information on a frightend candy!

Hey, Norton a very good conversation you share on this blog between Karen Sternheimer and Mr.Joel. Thanks for making this content valuable.

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