October 05, 2011

Everyday Sociology Talk: The Fashion Industry Labor Market

Sociologist Ashley Mears, author of Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model, discusses the nature of the fashion labor market with Karen Sternheimer.


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Wow, I would have never looked at it in that light. I feel sorry for the lower-class models. Hopefully, they will get the opportunity to rise in the ranks.

Well the topic of this post is quite in my interest!i love to read such stuff!The video is nice!

I didn't realize that models don't have a lot of power and only has success if so many people look at them in that way. I didn't realize that their jobs are not stable as well.

Exactly the same as young budding musicians in the music industry. The Arts are a hard thing to grasp for a normal person that's why to do it you have to have an extreme passion for it and not just money or fame. Great post :)


True. Many people do look @ models as objects. I was at a fashion show last year where the presented the latest, most fashionable mini dresses in new york - the models were objects, designed to present the dresses, not the other way around. I believe if the model is not the subject, then @ work, it sure is an object, or at least a medium.

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nice video.

Great video and very interesting topic

Very Interesting topic

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Love the conversation

The question is, who should define fashion trends

it is exciting for young and old as every day wear

Over the years, the fashion industry has been changing for better. Gone are the days where the industry was experiencing labor unrest and discrimination.

The video is very informing


nice one

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