January 17, 2012

Everyday Sociology Talk: Brian Powell on Defining Families


Karen Sternheimer interviews Brian Powell, author of Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans' Definitions of Family.

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I believe that same sex relationships is a very touchy subject. when it comes to my beliefs I definatley disagree and believe it is not acceptable in my point of view. Now I say it's touchy b/c I do have and know several gay and lesbians who are amazingly great, intellegant people who I would just want to see them happy. And being with someone who makes them happy and of the same sex is hard for "ME" to accept.

It doesn't really matter if the parents are the same sex as long as that child or children feel like they belong to a family and they have some or same views and they get the situation.

It's very interesting to see what some people consider what a family is. A family is defined as a group of people related by marriage, blood, or adoption, but i feel like that is not always true. For example a lot of people consider their friends, there family.

People have such different views of what a family is really like. Some families don't even act like a family but they are still considered a family.

There are so many types of families that it is hard to picture just one standard type. I believe that gay families should be considered families, because they live together, they take care of each other, and they love each other just like any other family. Many "regular" families really can't be called families at all. A group of people may be related by blood or marriage, but they may be abusing their spouse, children, or older relatives.

Interesting post dear. Now i agree with some point but not agree that family is collection of their relative it's is combination of friends also...

I think that as long as the family is happy, then everyone else should be happy for them. If a family is happy and they love each other unconditionally, then there shouldn't be a problem. Same-sex marriages will probably be accepted in a few years. Maybe even sooner. Times are changing, and people need to realize that. A family is a family.

I agree, a family is a family. It shouldn't matter if you are married to the same sex or not. People need to look past the gender. Many families that one would consider normal are actually abusive and unhappy, and yet, some people would rather that over two men or two women creating a family.

Parents of the same sex shouldn't change an outlook of a family, as long as the children feel like their part of the family by being loved.

Happily, Americans are on the road to becoming much more accepting than they have been in the past. I was delighted to hear that Same-Sex Parent families are still considered families by many people - imagine saying that African American households aren't families before the civil rights movement.

thanks for share it

Talking about same-sex parenting could have a variety of points to ponder depending on the circumstances and the level of thinking of each individual. For me, same-sex couple can still be good parents if they are able to exercise the way a family should be. Their gender may not be a hindrance for them to become parents.

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