August 02, 2012

Everday Sociology Talk: Sharon Zukin on Global Shopping


Sharon Zukin discusses her current research on global shopping.

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This is the perfect example of social gender inequality. The lady at the end said to leave them alone as long as they are happy. These would be different interviews all together if this was a video about a man abusing a women. Clearly she is in control over the man whether it is mental or physical and if a person has control over another person and is using that control to abuse that person it should not matter if the person is male or female equality should always be across the board.

In the video the Tiger Woods Scandals
The expectable marriage composition throughout most of the world is still monogamy. Yes I do understand that people make mistakes, but why didn’t someone stop Tiger. It was obvious that he could not see the consequences of his action. All those people around him and they simply just let him self destruct. Some friends they are! Maybe the heterogamous marriage was too much for him to deal with. I see the failure of a marriage is too much for him as well.

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thanks a lot for the video, Norton
my favorite topic ever!

I have always loved Sharon's views on shopping. I have been following her current research with a lot of focus.

Fantastic Video! I've actually loved this shopping. It is simply master in my opinion and you have kept it away from the common dull information. Extremely fantastic job.

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