August 09, 2012

Everyday Sociology Blog: Lisa Wade Discusses Concerns about "Hook-Up Culture"


Lisa Wade discusses assumptions and problems with "hook-up" culture.

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The hook up culture was intersting to learn about. I hear the term hook up thrown around all the time. I don't like the emphasis that hooking up puts on looks and how we need to look. Also as a women I am not surprised to learn that women suffer more than men. It is disappointing that there is pressure to have to always look good.

A sociologist could apply the paradigm of symbolic interactionism to the practice of hooking up when measuring the affects of it on women. This act of hooking up has the potential for disastrous consequences such as women feeling objectified and therefore losing the sense of being a valued individual, not being able to develop true intimacy with another person as well as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. These aspects could be studied by sociologists to gain a microsociological perspective relating to women which could provide insight, education and preparedness.

It is important to have clear knowledge and understanding of what hook up culture really is since it is often thought of negatively. Great you have this very informative video.

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