August 06, 2012

Everyday Sociology Talk: Thinking Sociologically about Rap Music


Jooyoung Lee discusses how to think sociologically about rap.

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The thought about rap music for me was alwasy individual and not as a team effort. The fact the the team effort does take a lot of work just like those in a group effort of those in school is much the same. How the words work with the beats and such.

I think that rap, just like any other genre of music, is unique. It is a form of letting people into their world from their eyes and perspectives. It takes us to the places they have been and the things they have seen, only through lyrics.

I love rap its my choice of music. not only is it a way to open up and express your feelings, it also expresses your inner thoughts based an experiances in your life.

Coming from a person whose music taste usually revolves around rap and hip-hop, a lot of people do not have and beginning mind when listening to it. It really causes the hip-hop /rap culture to have a bad name.

From the consumer point of view rap is about the rapper and his lyrics form the struggles in todays society, expressions of feeling and emotions conveyed through the music. A collective effervescence of emotion that the consumer can relate to is what the artist protrays to make money and give people like them hope. On a sociological point of view, some people think its all about drugs, sex, and violence but thats mostley to sell because thats actually what they enjoy.

Never listened to much rap music but it can be seen how it brings people together and shows different perspectives. Also shows the interaction of alot of different people from different walks of life.

I think that the sociological perspective should be study on rap music. It would show different sides of the music and hope the it would open people mind to a whole neither world. Also you could not be close minded about the study because when you study rap music it is very diverse dealing with race,religon,different culture.

I believe that rap music gets a bad veiw because of th worlds bi and wh, I would to listen to rap music but there is way too much bad language. being a parent of a 10year son.We have many dicussion on the music and the messqge. I don't want him listen to muusic{that make a person go kills that person

I also don't understand why labels are being
+put on rap, and what gossple rap?

Posted by: patricia perkins

rap is a form of expession

Rap music is an art

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